How To Build a Customer Centric Culture in Your Organization

It’s your customers who’re running the show, making you profits and paying the salaries of your employees. In return, they rightly expect you to care about their problems, work hard on creating products that make their lives easier, and staying alert in resolving any bottlenecks in their path to success.

5 ways to make your workplace more creative

As creativity and innovation have become more important to our organizations, there has been an increasing emphasis on how to create the kind of environment that promotes innovative behavior. We've seen workplaces decked out with fussball machines and beanbags, zany colored paint has adorned the walls, some have even installed flumes and the like, all to create an image of a workforce free from potential mental restraints.

7 Signs That Your Customer Regrets Choosing You

When you get a customer on board, it is your responsibility to fulfil the commitments you made at the time of sales. If you don't, your customers will soon start regretting their decision and might ultimately switch to your competitors. Research indicates that a customer is 4 times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related.

8 Tips To Tailor Your Content Marketing Campaign Towards Local Customers

Many local businesses are using content marketing to generate sales and profits. The key to success is creating a customized strategy and boost reputation by choosing and analyzing your keywords, creating content around them, asking customers to leave reviews, harnessing the power of local events and more.

How To Effectively Follow Up With Your Potential Clients Without Irritating Them

Studies indicate that almost 80% of sales leads require at least 5 follow ups after the initial sales meeting. But nearly 44% of salespeople give up after just 1 follow up. On the other hand, there are sales reps who bombard their prospects with follow up emails and calls. Most of them never manage to seal the deal.

Quick guide to setting up Google Apps and Gmail for your business

Made up your mind about deploying Google Apps at your workplace? We've got a quick, step-by-step guide that should have you up and running in a jiffy. We'll cover all the basics, giving you a fair ideas as to what all's involved in migrating to Google Apps.

Using encryption to secure your office PCs, laptops and smartphones

Industrial espionage and corporate data theft are an uncomfortable reality for any modern business. Laptops get stolen, cloud storage accounts get compromised, disgruntled employees steal files …

7 add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets every business & power user needs

Like many other Google products, Docs and Sheets support the use of add-ons to extend functionality and add new capabilities that might not be present by default. You’ll find many such add-ons available for Docs and Sheets, and between them all, they offer you enough power to wean you away from MS Office for good. W

7 of the best backup tools for Google Apps and Gmail

Google Apps is very, very reliable, and even at your end. crashes can be quite rare, but when they do happen, they can be devastating. No matter how big your business is, you need a proper backup solution that covers all your data. And if your organization is one of the many that have turned to Google Apps for email, cloud storage and other business tools, you’ll probably need to ensure you have a backup plan in place for that as well.

5 Little Known Tools That’ll Change The Way You Use Gmail

Gmail can have a life of its own and do more than collect emails for you -- think collaboration, customer support, CRM, social linking, managing multiple email inboxes, and a lot more. Check out little known tools that can transform your Gmail Inbox

Google Inbox vs Mailbox vs Cloudmagic: Do you still need third-party Gmail clients?

The biggest news from Google this year isn't about the new Nexus devices or even the latest version of Android – it's about Inbox, a new email app that gives you ‘An inbox that works for you’. Using the new, flat-look Material Design, Inbox offers several productivity enhancements and is less of a pure email app and more of a bridge that connects Google Search, Google Now and Gmail.

[Infographic] How #customerexperience Affects Your Business

Did you know that while choosing a new service, customers give twice as much importance to good service as a low price. And, people are way more likely to talk about a negative experience than a positive experience on Twitter.

Do customer support from your Gmail super efficiently with Mailflo

There's a lot that we have learnt out of interacting with GrexIt customers over the last couple of years. We have seen customers use GrexIt, which is a really flexible system …

Build Leads, not Stress: 5 Nifty Lead Generation Tools You Can Swear by

Not getting lead generation right could lead to stress. It’d lead to dry periods, frustration, and some businesses even wind up and close shop. Lead generation doesn’t have to be dirty , nasty, hard, or frustrating as …

Google Wallet or Paypal – which online payment service is the best for you?

For many professionals and small businesses, Paypal has long been a viable means of sending payments, especially to freelancers and contract workers. The ease of sending money with just a few clicks is a fantastically efficient way of working.…

Gmail Vs Fastmail: A Blunt Comparison

Fastmail, an email service by Opera that predates Gmail has recently gained a lot of attention in the wake of some Gmail users' dissatisfaction with the service. But is Fastmail a real alternative for Gmail. Does it stack up well against Gmail simply on the basis of functionality and utility …

Keep your Windows XP PCs safe even after Microsoft ends support

Come April 8 2014 and Microsoft will be ending support for the rather long-in-the-tooth Windows XP operating system. First released in 2001, XP's last major release (XP SP3) came out in 2008. Since then, it’s been …

New in GrexIt: Task Notifications and Gmail Label Filters

If you have used GrexIt's Shared Labels to assign tasks to your team-mates, we're sure you've found the functionality to be very useful. To assign tasks to your team-mates with Shared Labels, …

The best iOS and Android apps for Gmail power users

Gmail is easily the world’s most widely used Email service. And this popularity isn't just limited to personal usage. On the contrary, with many businesses having switched over to Google Apps. …

7 reasons you should use marketing automation software

The benefits of marketing automation software packages are two-fold: not only can they take care of time-consuming and menial tasks that you would otherwise have to plough through yourself, they can . …